Software & Marketing Business Solution


Business IT infrastructure

Business IT Infrastructure

Adding different system and technology together to build a complex, robust and reliable product is something we do incredibly well.

E-commerce Solutions

First we design and implement your
e-commerce store, then we help and assist with the implementation of the right software modules for a best business experience.

Web Development

We design, develop, deploy and maintain application programs for the web, using modern software architecture and technologies.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing / SEO

Building a website or web app is the first step for your business in the large online world, next comes digital marketing to allow your clients to find your services or products faster on the world wide web.

web design

Web Design

Better graphics, layout, are essential for a good user experience and search engine result.

mobile development

Mobile Development

Mobile apps can be use for different purpose. We are expert on mobile app development.



About Us

How we started ?

dws started with the will to help businesses to maximize their productivity using moderns technologies and data analysis.

After getting a degree in computer programming, building and managing the implementation of complex software such as ERP System for different companies, I noticed the tremendous need for businesses not only to use reliable technologies to improve their productivity but also to master the use of analysis software to increase their online presence and let the world know about the great services and products they are offering.

Ron Wanko

Software Developer

I have been in the software development industry for a decade, and focus more on web development. I love traveling, meeting people from different horizons, learn their cultures and day to day life.

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